David Allen and Ed Lamont discuss why Motion Trumps Perfection - Next Action Associates

It’s 11pm on the day before my deadline on an article for a major broadsheet. What am I doing? I’m trying to watch a movie of course.

Why trying? Well it is a bit hard to focus on the story line when I’m convinced that I’m about to expire of anxiety because – despite several weeks of research, a dozen interviews and almost constant thought about the article – I have nothing written yet.

Nada. Niente. Nichts. Not a single solitary sausage of a thought has graced a page, despite the brilliance of those thoughts as they have come and gone in my mind. As the pressure builds and my gaskets move into the danger zone, I ask myself repeatedly ‘how did I get here, again?’

Sounds familiar?

In this video Ed Lamont and David Allen discuss some simple GTD strategies to counter writer’s block.

Also do read Ed Lamont’s blog on the same topic by going to https://www.next-action.co.uk/blog/2012/08/13/motion-trumps-perfection-the-virtue-of-the-very-bad-draft/

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