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What problems can GTD solve?

What is GTD?
Getting Things Done® can not only improve the effectiveness and performance of individuals and teams while contributing to the overall productivity of the business, but it can dramatically reduce stress, facilitate a clear head, and enable the optimum ‘productive experience’.

GTD helps individuals who have:

• Insufficient focus on strategic things. Always “busy”, but not as effective as they would like to be.
• Email overload
• Unhealthy or unsustainable work-life balance
• Too much time spent reacting or “fire-fighting.” Not enough focus on the truly important
• Lack of a sense of control at work
• Mental distraction, lack of ability to focus effectively
• Inability to “shut off” after work and on weekends
• The sense that “I could be so much more effective if the sources of friction in my working life were reduced”
• Procrastination
• Suboptimal use of organisational tools: Outlook, mobile devices, etc.
• Missing deadlines
• Showing up unprepared for meetings
• Getting home late

GTD helps managers and teams who have:

• Ineffective meetings, without clear goals and follow-up accountabilities
• Lack of strategic direction and alignment with organizational goals
• Lack of role clarity: who is responsible for what?
• Ineffective delegation
• Managers doing things that they should be delegating
• Ineffective follow-up: too little, too late, or too often

Sound too good to be true? We have worked with c-suite level executives and a plethora of teams from some of the UK’s leading businesses, and the results have been impressive.

GTD has helped 40 of the Fortune-100

What happens next?
Our team of GTD-certified experts work with leaders of large and small organisations, from start-ups to listed companies, to develop a new and optimised culture. We work to inspire thoughtful action – not mindless activity – as the standard across the organisation.

We offer a range of seminars and coaching options to work closely and collaboratively with teams and individuals. If your team could benefit from increased productivity, get in touch for a chat about how we can help.

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