GTD® The Ultimate Stress-Free Productivity Course Level 3: Focus & Direction

In This Seminar, you Will Gain:

  • Deepened awareness and experience with the power of focus to affect perception and performance, plus practical techniques to utilise that principle
  • A true holistic overview of all personal and professional commitments
  • Guidelines for achieving, maintaining, and regaining integrated control and focus within the totality of one’s life ecosystem

About the Course

This course helps participants to clearly distinguish the different Horizons of Focus® and how to utilise those frameworks to create, align with, and execute on any desired outcome across both work and life.

The focus here is integrity and quality of commitments and desired outcomes, and an understanding of the principles and power of outcome thinking and its effect on perception and performance as well as the ability to translate commitments cross-horizon. How does your strategic plan relate to the actions on your lists? How do the meetings in your calendar point to the larger and bigger things to affirm what you're about?

This level pulls together the idea of the 'ultimate map room'--i.e. the awareness and capacity to create, update, refine, and utilise the orientation tools that optimise our experiences--seeing the best things to see, at any time, from the best perspective.

It includes building awareness of the total 'life management ecosystem' and provides directions for building systemic support for creativity, innovation, and fulfilling engagements. What defines the reaches and limits of things that have your attention? How do you keep those boundaries current and appropriately sized?

This level is about creating the awareness, freedom, and capacity to "make it up, and make it happen"--no matter what--for the rest of your life.


Completion of a GTD Level 2: Projects & Priorities course. Having built and used a GTD system is essential.

Course Outline

The Focus & Direction level delivers the framework for the final level of mastery of the GTD® methodology. Learners gain a greater understanding of the power of focused attention, and how control and perspective come together for greater clarity, creativity, and productivity.

The course includes:

  1. In-depth exploration of the six Horizons of Focus®, and how they are effectively utilised
  2. Creating alignment and positive links between the horizons and actions
  3. Exploring how vision and focus powerfully increase perception and performance
  4. Integrating all aspects of Mastering Workflow into a coherent, coordinated system

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