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Performance is one of the things we do best. Our clients come to us to help them raise their game to a new level.

We use a combination of interview analysis and direct feedback to assess where improvements can be made, and then work towards the mutual goal of helping clients succeed in their career pathways.

At times, our work is supporting and building on what is already working; at others it is putting difficult truths into the conversation that might be part of a personal “blind spot”. It is always about helping our clients develop a vision of themselves and for their business that demands they think and act at a higher level in order to achieve more.

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Leadership Development

Great leaders possess emotional intelligence, empathy, and can impart great influence and inspiration among their colleagues. Is this you? It probably could be.

Often we see people who have been promoted into a new position and have might not yet developed the leadership skills that are called for to have an impact at a higher horizon of influence. We create a cadre of leaders who can work more easily with each other, and lead their people in more resonant ways.

Using classroom sessions, action learning sets, and personal coaching interventions we help people to communicate more clearly and powerfully, lead with more authority, and develop deeper, more productive relationships with clients and those they lead.

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Team Facilitation

Fragmented or disjointed teams require greater synergy. We work with teams to help them achieve seamless productivity; from those who are starting out by helping them design how they want to work with each other, to teams that have hit a wall and need to go back and examine what’s happening and why, and how it can be changed for the better.

By making the process of working together more conscious for the team, we help make their goals more achievable by eliminating the blockers between realities and outcomes.

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