Blackberry Setup Guide for GTD (PDF Only)


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Our best-practices guide for implementing GTD with the BlackBerry. A4 size PDF. 46 pages.

This Guide was written for the BlackBerry 5.0 operating system, therefore, some of the instructions may not match your handheld exactly.

This Guide will show you how to:
– Manage your email effectively on the BlackBerry–including how to get email to zero
– Use BlackBerry Tasks for your Projects and Actions–including descriptions and examples of what goes on different lists
– Use the Calendar as a critical foundation for actions–with shortcuts for switching between different views
– Create useful reference lists in MemoPad, for managing the “non-action” part of your life as well
– Move faster with speed keys and shortcuts–referenced throughout the Guide and on handy quick reference sheet
– Navigate around the BlackBerry easily–with tips on customizing some settings to match the way you work


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