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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your GTD Practice in 2016

Future? Possible

Back in September, my blog was a call to action. I wanted as many of our readers as possible to share with us their favourite reminders from their GTD systems. The goal was to turn over the microphone to you, to inspire, amuse, and reinforce the value of GTD...

How do you get started?

Back in September, I asked people to send in their favourite GTD Projects, Next Actions, and Someday/Maybe list entries. Loads of people have gotten in touch, and if that’s you then thank you very much for your support. Today I’ll focus on the Next Actions that you’ve sent in. 

The List Exists (Whether You Write it or Not)

The List Exists (Whether You Write it or Not)

I’m no doctor, but here is something I’ve learned from experience: when a muscle goes into spasm and doesn’t recover properly, sometimes it gets to a point where it has been tight for so long that the brain simply stops registering the pain signals it is sending. It...