David Griffin - Next Action Associates

David Griffin trained as a mechanical engineer with a jet engine company but rapidly discovered that he found robotics and automation more fun, and spent over a decade creating bespoke machinery for a wide range of applications. He first started with GTD in 2003, when Palm Pilot devices were no longer cool but not yet antiques. He was based in the USA, living the road warrior lifestyle (amassing more air miles than sleep), when he came across the GTD book and understood for the first time why his head always felt so full. His first GTD “aha” moment came soon afterwards, the first time he succeeded in getting everything out of his head, and saw how differently he slept.

Now, with three children at high school (each with completely different extracurricular interests) and seven pets (including multiple reptiles) he counts on GTD to stop his head exploding. His hobbies include cycling, snowboarding, long walks with a crazy spaniel and trying to avoid the news.

David now works for 42 Technology, an engineering consultancy that helps clients from startups to global multinationals to turn ideas into commercial products. The work is challenging, fast paced and varied, and the need to turn vague requirements into tangible, actionable tasks lies at the core of what he does on a daily basis.

And so his GTD journey has continued, and he recently completed the steps to became a certified GTD trainer.


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