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10 Reasons Why You Need GTD® In Your Life

You might not even have heard of it, let alone realise that you need it. But have you ever noticed:

  • You always feel like you’re just “too busy”?
  • You’re stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of ‘stuff’ you have on in your life?
  • Your inbox is overflowing with unread or unactioned emails?
  • You struggle to sleep at night because there’s too much on your mind?
  • You feel like you don’t spend enough time doing the things you really love?


This is real life for many people today. It’s also the reason why the Getting Things Done® productivity methodology is used by some of the world’s busiest people – because it addresses all of these things.

Pioneered by David Allen, author of ‘Getting Things Done®: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity’, the methodology has proved its worth for decades since the book was first written, and is still adopted by thousands of individuals and organisations across the world.

  1. It makes you a productivity black belt
    Know that feeling when you’re just on top of everything and it feels amazing? That’s what you get when your life, work, and everything around it is slick and running smoothly. It’s like having a psychic PA who just knows everything that’s going on and what is needed from you at any given moment.
  2. It’s not rocket science
    Sometimes, the hardest bit is getting started. Once implemented, GTD® gives you a way to sort all your stuff out, both in work and personal life, and helps you to keep track of your commitments. And once you get into the habit of it, it can be quite simple to maintain. It’s based on a set of rules and processes known as the ‘Five Phases of Mastering Workflow’. Make it habitual and it could well change your life.
  3. It gives you clear space
    “What’s that?” I hear you cry. Well, it gives you white space in your calendar, white space in your head (think of all that creativity you can unleash!), and white space in your inbox. Yes, really. Imagine how it would feel to have zero emails in your inbox.
  4. Your meetings will never be the same again
    In a good way. With GTD, you turn up on time every time with an agenda. You establish outcomes and ownership of projects, and the next actions that are involved in order to take any given project forward. You’ll know who you’re expecting delivery from and when you last chased them for it. It’s a total game changer.
  5. Your life will start to feel bigger
    You know you’ve always wanted to do that skydive? Or climb a mountain? Or take a year out to write a book? Or visit New Zealand? Well GTD helps you to make it happen. The ‘Someday/Maybe’ list helps you not to lose sight of those dreams, so that one day you’ll be able to tick them off as done.
  6. Your family and friends will have your full attention
    Greater efficiency will mean you’re around more. It will also mean you’re less distracted. Forget looking at your phone over dinner or on the weekends, you’ll be fully present so they can enjoy time with you as it should be: uninterrupted.
  7. Sleep is your new best friend
    All those restless nights will be a thing of the past. No more waking up at 4am suddenly remembering you need to buy a birthday card or send that report through to a colleague. With GTD, everything is tracked in your system so there is much less on your mind and much more time with peaceful shut-eye.
  8. You become a master of controlled focus
    No more fighting fires. No more feeling panicked about how much you have on. No more distractions or erratic working patterns. You’ll have the confidence to know what to do and when, reassured that it’s the right thing to do at that given moment. You’ll have perspective and will be an exemplar of calm efficiency.
  9. It’s cost-effective
    GTD is a skill for life, and having those skills which will last forever is an investment worth making. The best thing is that it’s a methodology which has stood the test of time – even as new tools and platforms become available, GTD is never going to be an outdated concept if you want to be more productive and less stressed.
  10. You’ll be singing and dancing
    Ok, maybe that’s not your thing. But GTD will make you happier. We have proven it. In fact, 71% of people who learned GTD said it made them dramatically or considerably happier. Less stress equals more happiness. You can’t go wrong with that formula.

It might sound all a bit unrealistic but after decades of using GTD in our personal lives and teaching it to hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations, we know it works. And if you still don’t believe us, have a look at our survey results.

Whatever you want to change about your too-stressed life or hectic work schedule, GTD can help.

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