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I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to come along Thursday. Given the level of value I felt guilty I'd even questioned the price of training in my mind and my level of cynicism around it when I first was reading about it, wondering why it was different.

The training day has a combination of factors that made it really powerful for me; yes the concepts, theories and system are really useful and helpful, but when you combined that with the quality of the training materials and your delivery as a trainer it really impressed me as a whole. The way it's structured and delivered taps into a lot of theories around how people learn well.

Personally though, I came away with hope that I can find a better way to stress free existence as a business owner. I have always considered myself pretty organised and motivated, and most people that know me would say that, but I got so much from the course. There were ideas that had never occured to me, the way it combines as a system will be a step up - I viewed it as a way to become super-organised so no longer do I have to worry as much and keep a signficant amount in my head. It will probably mean I can take on a larger workload as I'm not holding it all in my head - I always find I hit a limit at about 5 projects, I can't take the distraction of focus as soon as there is more. But with this, I could manage more by dealing with things at the right time. I struggle to sleep when I'm busy and I see this as a way forward and being able to sleep again, even under greater pressures.

I am focusing on starting to set the system up today - and I know this is only an email - but I wanted to say a big thank you! I am so pleased I met you, and you have converted me to a fan - I'd love to take you out for lunch or dinner at least to say thank you and brainstorm how I can take this to my connections in the HR industry.

Rebecca Stevens

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