Following each coaching session, I felt motivated and confident…

After a 2 year period of 'toying' with GTD I understood its power but I wasn't wielding it in the intended way in order to maximise the benefit. Then, after hearing there was going to be an unexpected addition to our family, my immediate thought was the need to accelerate my quest for being organised and on the ball. I run a creative agency and also recently took on another healthcare business so was under a great deal of pressure and a third child would only increase the pull on my time.

Miles is a great coach. He has a deep level of understanding of GTD and how it can be applied to every aspect of life and to any situation. He took the time to understand where I was with GTD and what my needs were, and he also has a relaxed and easy manner to his training which helped immensely. Following each of the coaching sessions I felt motivated and confident about practicing what I had just learnt and I would highly recommend him. Indeed, I have already recommended GTD to my peers and one of my senior managers.

Anshul Kapoor

Director, Image Foundary