Great stuff, very inspiring! - Next Action Associates

Great stuff, very inspiring!

Great stuff, very inspiring!
I like the way you break the year up and give insights into what is valuable to me now and what is good preparation for busy times ahead. I wonder a lot about whether I am enjoying the present enough at times, you know, carpe diem, am I spending my energy wisely, am I not procrastinating again...
Your talks about what to take into consideration and get done to free up time to enjoy are very much appreciated! I admire the way you put in so much information into 20 minutes, too. There's always theory, practice, implementation tips, and a great summary at the end. I mean it all sounds very effortless - and I love your expression "riffing along"! But it is a neat capsule of information and inspiration.
I just subscribed to your newsletter and am looking forward to new podcasts. One idea you two suggested, to talk about how many principles of GTD were already out there and are reflected in quotes from history or famous people - sounds great! Actually, it made me think of the religious calendar and how such time-honored practices probably reflect a lot of insights people before us already had in productivity principles.

Ricci Gras