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Virtual GTD® Training & Coaching

In today’s challenging global environment, it’s fundamental for organisations to maximise productivity and effectiveness, especially when teams and employees are based remotely or are geographically dispersed. The Getting Things Done® virtual delivery programme provides practical techniques that will help your employees to get control of their world, increase productivity and reduce stress.

GTD® will help employees to apply a straightforward, practical methodology to dealing with changing priorities, shifting resources, and the sheer volume of emails, calls and texts, while reducing stress and feelings of overwhelm. The results of applying GTD include greater focus and effectiveness in a more relaxed manner, and it can help create space for longer-term strategic work while instilling confidence that the right things are actually getting done.

This practical approach has already helped many thousands of teams in some of the most successful organisations across the world.

GTD®: The Ultimate Stress-Free Productivity Course Level 1 – Virtual

If your employees feel that they have more to do than they can get done, or are working harder but falling further behind, GTD can help. It also accelerates existing high-performance behaviours, translating ambition into action. GTD can help individuals overcome distraction, procrastination, and uncertainty and help teams to delegate better, come away from meetings with a clearly defined sense of purpose, and align on shared goals in ways that ensure that the right things get done.

This virtual delivery course is ideal for remote teams or offices.

Content is delivered over 5 sessions, each between 60 and 120 minutes.

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GTD Virtual Coaching

In our intensive one-to-one coaching programme, you will work with a certified coach to assess every aspect of your working practices and environment, from input to execution. This will help you establish and optimise your Getting Things Done (GTD) system, and allow you to make the best choices about what you work on day-to-day.

Working with your preferred technologies, you and the coach will design and create an ideal organisational system that supports you wherever you are. All aspects of the GTD methodology are covered, leaving you with a complete theoretical and experiential understanding of your most productive workflow, and a clear path to get there.

The sessions are conducted remotely over a period of 8-12 weeks, allowing you to implement and refine your new practices between sessions.

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