What if your organisation’s wellness programme could both improve productivity and make work itself less stressful?

What if your organisation's wellness programme could both improve productivity and make work itself less stressful?

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While many workplace wellness initiatives aim to reduce workplace stress, the focus is often on taking time away from work to alleviate stress levels, through practices such as meditation, yoga, or 4pm Fridays.

The Getting Things Done® methodology has a 20-year track record of making work less stressful for employees, while at the same time increasing effectiveness and improving employees’ ability to shut off after work.

It’s the ultimate in workplace wellness initiatives as it addresses the multiple components of employee wellness, including reducing stress levels, improving happiness, increasing effectiveness, and creating clear mental space.

What we deliver

  • Establish a benchmark of control and perspective among employees
  • A programme to deliver GTD in line with existing workplace wellness initiatives
  • A series of in-house or virtual courses, and where required, one-to-one coaching sessions
  • All collaterals and course materials
  • Surveys to measure results
  • Ongoing support and development opportunities

Benefits of GTD

  • Reduces overwhelm through a range of proven techniques and approaches
  • Improves the ability to prioritise tasks by context and time available
  • Reduces stress by eliminating the need to ‘remember’ – enables employees to keep track of commitments and project support
  • Weekly Review® keeps a wider overview of projects, next actions and commitments
  • Improves team cohesion and meeting structure – clear agendas, calendar management and focus on outcome
  • Better enables employees to switch off from work when they get home
  • Improved focus and ‘presence’ in all areas of life
  • Knowledge that employee is focused on the right thing at the right time

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After implementing GTD

  • 69% had lower stress levels
  • 91% were more productive at work
  • 72% found it easier to shut off from work
  • 71% considered themselves happier

Source: Impact Survey

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