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GTD Private Seminars

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 1: Fundamentals

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 1: FundamentalsThis one-day seminar delivers a dynamic, systematic, five-phase approach to dealing effectively with the incoming “stuff” of our lives – mail, memos, meetings, email, ideas, notes, to-dos, projects, reference materials, etc., and provides a practical methodology for utilising paper-based and computer-based systems to organise it. Our ability to focus effectively on the job and priorities at hand is too often challenged by the non-stop flood of required, but not necessarily urgent, input, decisions and actions with which we must deal. Mastering Workflow teaches a simple, fundamental thought process which participants immediately apply to current work at hand, creating critical enhancements and seamless integration of their own unique personal management systems.

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GTD Mastering Workflow Level 1: Fundamentals with Implementation Lab

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 1: Fundamentals with Implementation LabOur most popular private offering, this two-day seminar covers the fundamentals as above in the first day, and then delves deep into designing and implementing a personalised system in your organisations tool of choice (e.g. Outlook). The course covers strategies for optimising handling email, best practices for diary management, and best use of technology to support appropriate focus and prioritisation. We also offer practical techniques for dealing with backlog and time to practice with the new system, maximising the likelihood that participants get off to the best possible start with new behaviours.

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GTD Mastering Workflow Level 2: Projects & Priorities

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 2: Projects & PrioritiesAttendance at an introductory-level GTD seminar, or completion of one on one coaching, as well as having built and used a GTD system, based on any technology (Outlook, etc.) is an essential prerequisite to this course. In this one-day seminar, you will assess your progress on your GTD journey so far, identify areas to improve and sharpen your thinking, and hone your system so that it provides a more complete overview of your world. You will deepen your understanding of the core principles, enabling you to work more productively with a clearer head. You will make use of advanced GTD models to optimize project planning, for you and for your team, and identify and develop higher-horizon thinking to help you ensure balance, so that you can shift from a reactive to proactive stance in the areas that matter to you most.

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GTD Mastering Workflow Level 3: Focus & Direction

GTD Mastering Workflow Level 3: Focus & DirectionCompletion of a GTD Level 2: Projects & Priorities seminar. Having built and used a GTD system is essential. This seminar helps participants to clearly distinguish the different Horizons of Focus® and how to utilise those frameworks to create, align with, and execute on any desired outcome across both work and life. The focus here is integrity and quality of commitments and desired outcomes, and an understanding of the principles and power of outcome thinking and its effect on perception and performance.

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