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When you sit down at your computer after a morning of back-to-back meetings and you’re greeted by 87 new emails, you’d be forgiven for cursing technology under your breath.

Today, however, is the United Nations World Communications and Information Society Awareness (UNWCISA) day. It’s not a clever and catchy bit of event branding, to be sure, but it celebrates something good – the opportunities and advancements that technology has brought the world such as mobile communications, big data, e-commerce and sustainable development.

So we thought we’d mark the day by celebrating how technology enables us to share GTD® with the world beyond the seminar room, and we’ve pulled together a selection of the GTD video and audio nuggets out there on the Interweb. Enjoy!

  1. Why do GTD? – (1 min) – a fundamental question that people ask before starting their GTD journey. It’s answered here by Ed Lamont, one of the founders of Next Action Associates.
  2. GTD and its impact on personal life – (1 min) – a story from our other founder, Todd Brown, about a memorable conversation he once had with his wife.
  3. Can you be both organised and creative? – (3 mins) – Robert Peake, who’s used GTD longer than all of us, explains how it enables him to fully focus on his first love, poetry, while at the same time managing to be a busy GTD coach and IT consultant.
  4. Getting in control and creating space – (18 mins) – David Allen, GTD’s creator, gives a TED talk in his adopted hometown of Amsterdam in which he walks the audience through a planning framework that we teach at our Level 2 ‘Projects & Priorities’ seminar.
  5. Staying on the wagon – (2 mins) – GTD is a lifelong practice and at times, just as in life, you’re bound to wobble. Ed explains why this happens and why the Weekly Review® is the key to getting things back on track.
  6. Guided GTD Weekly Review – (32 mins) – following on from the video above, here’s an audio recording of a GTD coach walking you through an actual Weekly Review. Try using it for your next one if you’d like some helpful company.
  7. How GTD helps reduce stress – (26 mins) – over the last year we’ve started podcasting, and our most recent episode dug into something that GTD impacts in a big way – your stress levels.
  8. Real life GTD – (26 mins) – if you’re getting these emails then you’ll have seen our guest interviews where people talk about how they use GTD and how it’s impacted their life. Recently we recorded one for the first time and shared an insightful and entertaining interview with music producer Jimbo Barry.
  9. David Allen coaches a Dutch TV presenter – (5 mins) – many of you will have come to GTD through our in-house or public seminars and implemented the methodology in a work environment. This video gives you a sense of what 1-to-1 coaching is like and how it can have an impact at home.
  10. Let’s finish where we started, with those 87 emails. In our final video, Robert shares some strategies for coping with inbox overload. Pop a note in your calendar to watch this one again when you come back from your summer holidays…

Now over to you…

If you have any suggestions for future video, podcast or blog topics you’d like to see, drop us a line at [email protected].



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