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Tired of the same old story?

If you’re in a high performing organisation, you’ll know it’s not easy to stay high performing. Projects can still slip, priorities can become confused, and burnout still happens.

Over the long term, it’s hard to keep everyone hitting their targets with high morale. 

Until, that is, they learn best practices to achieve healthy high performance.

Tools for healthy high performance

Through our courses, we’ll give your people a new set of principles to live by: 

  • Habits and systems that will help them get focused, feel in control and be ready for the next challenge.

  • A common language to get everyone on the same page with delivery and priorities.

  • The headspace and energy to contribute where it will matter most – and also switch off when it’s time to rest.

Our courses are available in a variety of formats, and draw on foundational and advanced principles of the Getting Things Done® methodology.

Who should attend?

Broadly speaking, everyone in your organisation can benefit – from the CEO to the newest graduate hire. The level of course they should attend will depend on whether they have completed previous courses and/or coaching with us.

How it works

we can deliver the sessions on-site, virtual, or as a mix of both. Our most popular on-site training option is a two-day seminar, which gets your people putting everything into practice with your organisation’s preferred set of tools and systems.

We can also offer follow-up coaching sessions for each person who attends the seminar, to further embed the training in ways that are bespoke to their role and challenges.

The Courses

Our organisational training is delivered at three levels. 

  • If your team has not completed our level 1 training, they should start there to get the foundations in place. 

  • After this, they can proceed to level 2, and they’ll learn to embed the principles deeper into their daily practice.

  • Later they can attend a level 3 course. so they can learn to stay energised and clear even in the midst of great change and ambiguity. 


Practical techniques to get control of your world and live with healthy high performance. 



This course introduces the fundamental thinking and practices of the Getting Things Done methodology. Participants will learn tools to keep a clear mind, giving them the space to think with focus and act with confidence.

Since this is most people’s first introduction to GTD, participants are usually surprised by how fast they can act upon what’s taught. People typically leave bursting with ideas of how to change their workflow, and many people are quick to tell us about the impact on their health and habits just weeks or even days after the event.

The course cover how to:

  • Define the desired outcomes for each project you’re working on

  • Clarify the next steps you should take

  • Streamline how you absorb and store information

  • Reflect on commitments and ensure your top priorities are the most beneficial

  • Follow your informed intuition about what the best next action is

Once the course is over, participants will have all they need to set up their own GTD system. We recommend setting a day aside for this as soon as possible post-event. That way everything will be fresh in people’s minds and they’ll be able to start seeing the results. 

Projects & Priorities

Take your GTD system to the next level to track projects and prioritise what matters most.


Participants will need to have attended a level 1 GTD course or completed one-to-one GTD coaching. They must have built and used a GTD system (using any toolset).

This course will give participants a chance to assess their progress, sharpen their thinking, and hone their system so that it provides a more complete overview of their world.

In addition to going deeper on the principles covered in Level 1, this course will:

  • Make use of advanced GTD models to optimise project planning

  • Identify and develop higher-horizon thinking to help people shift from a reactive to proactive stance

  • Give people the tools to take more initiative – turning problems and opportunities into projects

  • Ensure people’s priorities are aligned with the right Areas of Focus

Focus & Direction

Align with and execute on any desired outcome across both work and life.


Participants will need to have attended a level 2 GTD course and/or completed one-to-one GTD coaching. They must have built and used a GTD system (using any toolset).

The final level in GTD training is the final key to gaining back the energy and clarity you need, using strategic frameworks to help you be ready for any situation. 

In other words, it’s about creating the awareness, freedom, and capacity to "make it up, and make it happen" in any context for the rest of your life.

The course will teach participants to:

  • Use the six Horizons of Focus® and outcome-thinking to find greater levels of clarity, focus, and productivity.

  • Bring alignment to their purpose, strategy and next actions.

  • See the best options to engage with, at any time, from the optimal perspective.

  • Build systemic support for creativity, innovation, and fulfilling work. 

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