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Sometimes we are so busy juggling life and work commitments that we feel out of control. We can also often lose perspective about our own reality. In less than two minutes, the GTD-Q® will give you visual results about your current reality, describe your strengths, and offer opportunities for improvement.

Are you a Crazy Maker, Captain and Commander, Responder, or Micro Manager?

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Participants are introduced to the fundamental principles of GTD, emphasizing the systematic capture, organization, and prioritization of tasks. The training includes hands-on exercises to apply these principles to real-world scenarios, guiding individuals in designing personalized workflows that align with their preferences and work styles. Integration with tools and technologies is emphasized for seamless adoption. Continuous improvement is underscored through regular reviews and reflection, ensuring the ongoing relevance of tasks and goals. Additionally, strategies for effective time management and focus maintenance are provided, contributing to the development of a holistic and sustainable approach to productivity.

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