Virtual GTD® Workflow Coaching

Virtual coaching is designed to foster not only a deep understanding of how to make GTD® work for you, but to establish lasting behaviour changes to keep it going.

In our intensive one-on-one coaching programme, you will work with a certified coach to assess every aspect of your working practices and environment, from input to execution. This will help you establish and optimise your GTD system, and allow you to make optimal choices about what you work on, day-to-day.

Your coach provides best practices and support while you practice the fundamental thought process of GTD on your own work.

This allows you to immediately implement improvements to your workflow, enabling stress-free productivity.

All aspects of the GTD methodology are covered, including getting your whole system set up and running optimally. Coaching is by far the fastest and most effective way to establish your GTD practice, or to take it to the next level.

Our one-to-one coaching packages are available in two different formats: in-person or virtual, and are open to individuals looking to fast-track their productivity and significantly reduce stress, or for team members with an organisation as part of a corporate package.

Next Step?

A friendly conversation to see if virtual coaching could be right for you…


What’s involved?

  • Eight one-hour sessions conducted remotely using video and screen-sharing technology
  • Delivered over 8-12 weeks as scheduling permits
  • Expect 1-2 hours of “homework” between sessions to implement, integrate, and refine each step
  • The more time and focus you can invest between sessions, the more effective the programme will be for you overall

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“Having personally embarked on the GTD journey almost five years ago now, I can honestly say this personal productivity methodology has changed my life dramatically for the better. As a result of GTD, I’m faster, less stressed, more able to make decisions and happier at work and in life.

“I would go beyond merely recommending GTD and Next Action Associates to you, instead I would positively urge you to go out and get this incredible material for yourself and your teams – it has been one of the best personal and professional investment decisions I’ve ever made!”
-Spencer Hanlon
COO, AirPlus International

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