Impact survey

Measuring the effectiveness of GTD® on Next Action Associates' clients

Online survey to assess general impact of GTD practice on individuals’ work and life: A survey invitation was sent to the Next Action Associates newsletter database, which is made up of seminar and coaching alumni as well as other individuals who have registered interest in GTD. There were 320 completed surveys which were conducted in September 2016.

Experience with GTD

How long have you been using GTD?

Summary of results

Survey shows significant improvements in respondents work and personal life after using GTD methodology

GTD Impact SurveyGTD Impact SurveyGTD Impact Survey

Overall Reduction of Stress Levels

After implementing GTD, respondents report reduced stress levels

Dramatic increase in productivity at work

After implementing GTD, more than half of respondents reported a very high rating for productivity at work

Impact of GTD on personal life

Improved ability to shut off from work

Respondents found it easier to separate work and leisure time after implementing GTD

Impact on overall happiness

81% of respondents feel considerably or dramatically happier after implementing GTD

Recommendation of GTD

99% of respondents would recommend GTD to a friend, family member or colleague

of Fortune 100 have had some form of GTD training
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