Blanka was an executive director at a global hospitality IT company when she got her hands on David Allen’s book and discovered GTD® for herself. Like a life-changing miracle, it hit her: why the countless to-do lists did not do their job, why most of her days got consumed by unplanned, reactive work rather than moving projects ahead and reaching her full potential.

While implementing her GTD system at work and moving her life across borders, jumping into complete renovation works in her new home and bringing two boys into this life over a short period of time, she realised that GTD is more than a tool for her; it is a lifesaver in any time of her life and is something she wants to be an advocate of to make everyone’s life better.
Using her experience in analysing multinational business operations from top to bottom (and back to the top) and her teacher’s degree with her training experience of 10+ years, she got certified as GTD Fundamentals Trainer while returning to work from maternity leave and working part-time in project management.
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