Miles Seecharan - Next Action Associates

Miles has a background in teaching, higher education and IT. He spent the 1990s teaching overseas, the ‘Noughties’ developing training, distance learning and e-learning in higher education, and by the 2010s he was managing IT at the UK’s 4th largest university.

Throughout this period Miles was also on a journey with GTD. He discovered it in 2004 and was soon promoted into a role where he was responsible for improving staff productivity across the organisation. As he progressed further in management, GTD not only helped him cope with the size and complexity of a challenging senior role but also a busy personal life where he was studying for a Masters degree in coaching and mentoring, tutoring online in his spare time, and raising 3 young kids. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without GTD.

In 2015, when Miles discovered Next Action Associates, he decided to take his journey with GTD to the next level by teaching it full time. Fast forward to now and Miles is a Senior Associate and certified coach, virtual coach and trainer, teaching GTD to clients in the UK and overseas. Miles also does regular pro-bono work with a national UK charity supporting social inclusion, and with SMEs in Manchester, where he is based.

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