I highly recommend investing in this coaching…

The timing of my coaching with Robert could not have been more beneficial. I was a few months into a new role as a COO that was far above the level of responsibility I have ever had in other roles. While I had spent several months working on my GTD system on my own based on the book and other resources, I was stuck and needed more support. Robert always put my needs first in how we ran the sessions so that I got the most value out of each one. He was also willing to listen to me in some vulnerable moments when I was having a tough time without being judgmental and providing solutions/ideas in the system that had immediate positive effects. As an executive coach myself, I thought this coaching would be more specific to GTD, and while this was certainly true, it was also effective as overall coaching for the situation I was in. I’ve made great advances in my GTD abilities based on this coaching. It is something that will need continued attention and development, but it is now definitely a habit that will part of both my personal and professional work for the long term. And I find it makes my work more engaging and enjoyable. I highly recommend investing in this coaching, and Robert is the coach to have if you can get him!

Cory McGowan

COO, Canyons