I’ve been practising GTD…. it’s been genuinely life changing.

I've been practising GTD for about 15 years now, and it's been genuinely life changing. Thanks to GTD, I'm known for thinking clearly, being on top of things, and always delivering what I say I will (which sounds simple, but is actually a pretty high bar). My relationships have flourished as I’m able to be much more present in each interaction. All of this richness has been completely underpinned by GTD. At first GTD seemed like hard work, but the payoff has been absolutely worth it....What price a successful career and happy life?


Once you get used to the suggested approach and develop your GTD habits it all becomes as easy and natural as riding a bike. But even when you are good at riding a bike, when you're riding up a steep hill it becomes tougher (life also has tough/stressful times). GTD is like the gears on your bike. If you downshift to the right gear it becomes easier again, and allows you to keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you.


My suggestion? Don't get caught in the classic error of being too busy to learn how to handle busy times - when the going gets tough in my world, my GTD system comes to the rescue.


Get to a seminar, get a coach or read the books - whatever works for you. Put in some effort for a bumper payout!

Jimmy Barber

Chief Operating Officer at Financial Services Compensation Scheme