…real life changing value…

Just wanting to say thank you again for the Level 2 seminar this July in London. The real life changing value it gives only really becomes apparent once you get home and implement it. On hindsight I feel my evaluation in the evaluation form straight after the seminar did not do you and the seminar justice. Sorry about that. Even though it was valuable straight away it is hard to realise straight away what the contents learned can actually REALLY do.

In the last couple of weeks I have cranked through all the backlog and old lists and E-Mail inbox at work and have managed to do a first real FULL weekly review without leaving anything out of the weekly review.

What a feat and what a difference it makes. Keeping this up on a weekly basis is still quite challenging, but I can feel that the direction is absolutely worth it.

Just wanting to let you know and keep up the good work, its so totally worth it, but you already know that don't you?

Eva Engel-Wolf

Getting Things Organised