The GTD coaching sessions were informative, practical and insightful.

My background is as a Counsellor and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. I have worked in both the NHS and Private Psychiatry for almost 20 years. As I have a learning difficulty, I became increasingly aware of the need to improve my organisational skills, productivity and workflow in my job, so that I could provide the best service to my clients, who have anxiety and depression. The GTD coaching sessions with Robert, Frank, and Meg were informative, practical and insightful. Following specialised tests organised by the company, the coaching was adapted and tailor-made for my particular circumstances.   During my two day assessment, Robert spent time with my supervisor to understand my difficulties from their perspective. He showed extreme patience and professionalism during the sessions, and was able to answer my questions, explain the GTD concepts and provide clear and practical instructions in how to complete the procedures. This was conducted with humour and reassurance.  Now I cannot get through the week without performing the weekly review and I honestly don't know how I could cope without the GTD methodologies. I have experienced a reduction in my stress levels and an improvement in my productivity and task completion. I cannot recommend Robert and the Next Action Associates team more highly and I would not hesitate to have a conversation with them today about how their services could improve any professionals' work and life performance.