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For the past seven years we’ve been out doing this GTD thing for clients large and small, and we’ve been getting consistently great feedback on how it is positively impacting the lives of those who use it.

As people who have made it our job to spread these life-changing materials, getting that feedback is hugely rewarding and is part of why we do the work. While we are not by nature big trumpet blowers, sometimes – when the feedback is really, really good – we simply can’t help ourselves and have to make some noise about our results.

Last year, we partnered up with one of our clients – Airplus International, one of the world’s leading travel payments specialists – to ask the employees who had participated in our seminars about the impact of GTD on their work and their personal lives.

I was expecting positive results, but they came back even better than I’d hoped. It seems we are doing a lot of the right things, and that GTD is incredibly effective at helping our clients increase their productivity and reduce stress  – the feedback spoke for itself. With statistics such as 81% of employees finding that they handle their daily flood of emails better after learning about GTD, it’s great to know that the rewards are tangible.

We’ve pulled the story of our work with Airplus and the survey results into a short video. We hope you enjoy it, and if you want more detail than we could pack into the video please get in touch so we can send you a more complete report.

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