A bit of light-hearted fun to celebrate National Dog Day, with GTD Heroes, Pro-Jake and Someday Mabel

Em-bark on a furry, furry important journey with GTD expets, Jake and Mabel.


Are you still a caNINE, when you could be a caTEN? We’ll help you put the lead in leadership, unleash your pet-ential, master the Woofly Review and finally get to grips with Rufference filing.

Ours is not a kibbled-together approach – this is all about stress ReDogtion and having a Mind Like… SQUIRREL!!!!

Jake and Mabel are the author of several best-sellers.


  • Think and Growl Rich
  • Believe it and you’ll Retrieve it!!
  • You can Heel your Life!
  • What Collar is your parachute?


  • Who moved my kibble?
  • Impawsible is nothing
  • Un-leash the Pawer within

Jake’s favourite personal development teachers:

  • Bony Robbins
  • Opawrah Winfurry
  • Stick Stickler
  • Tim Furriss

Come and meet them both at one of our Puplic Seminars –  they are also both available (between long naps) for Whine:Whine coaching.

Words by Paula Boyle.



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