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In 2014 I completed the Getting Things Done course offered by Next Action Associates through Siemens Learning Campus. I was already familiar with GTD through the book, but just reading the book was not enough to help me get the system fully integrated into my life.

What the seminar did was to help me identify - and change - my work habits so that I can consistently work more efficiently and effectively. A highlight for me: in one of the exercises in the seminar I was able to get my 2000+ e-mail backlog down to zero.

The best part about implementing GTD has been that I have finally gotten on top of the stress of always feeling like I was missing something. By getting everything out of my head and clearly sorted in one place I was able to significantly reduce my stress levels at work.

I’m still not perfect, but no matter how often I feel like I have fallen behind, I know that I am miles ahead of where I was a few years ago in staying organized and having a clear picture of my goals and actions.

I still struggle every day to make sure I keep up with all of my work, but I now have a systematic approach to get back on top of it all. GTD changed the way I work, and that has changed my life.

I highly recommend it for all of our colleagues. I’ve put many of my direct reports through the training and the common language and way of working has been a real help to us as a team.

I got my inbox to zero again this morning. What a great feeling! GTD is amazing if you stick with it and are patient with yourself.

Gillian Saunders

Director of Quality Management, Siemens